Covid-19 Update

Dear Church Family,

Thank you Rockharbor for continuing to love & lead through all that is happening in our world & our community! Here is our plan for this weekend:

We are meeting LIVE at Rocky Mtn High School in the football stadium at 8:30 or 10:00 am. Here is what Sunday is going to look like:

- We have added a second service so that there is lots of room for physical distancing in the stadium. (Please help us with this.)
- Masks are welcome but not required. We'll have some available for you if you need them.
- Save your hugs for another time. Show your love in contact-free ways!
- Families will attend service together. We will not have RKidz or Slingshot yet.
- The service is contactless. Download the RH App for song lyrics and program info.
- Please stay home if you have any symptoms, are unwell or not comfortable gathering. You can watch the live stadium service online at 10am!
- Bring your own's allowed in the service!

We are excited to be bringing you the livestream of the stadium service online at 10am. Tune in to worship with us if you decide you feel more comfortable staying home!

Here is what Rockharbor Church Online looks like:
We will connect online HERE  Sunday at 10am. You can also stream directly from Youtube or our Facebook page. Together we will build our faith by sharing uplifting worship, Biblical messages and practical information.

Here is how you can stay connected:
You can click HERE to let us know about what’s happening in your life or to update your information, submit a prayer request or a need.

Download the Rockharbor App to stay up to date on announcements, Next Gen Ministry information, sermon notes and notifications.

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Text and direct message your neighbors, friends and family- invite them to be a part of Rockharbor Church Online and watch the Sunday Service  with you.

In spite of the challenges we are facing – God is with us and He is in control! You are not alone. Our staff is praying for you and you are a part of a body of believers who care about you. We love you all!

Keith Harrington
Lead Pastor