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What do you do when culture tries to change you? You decide…will I change the world or will the world change me? Join us this Sunday at 10:00am as we continue our  series “Stand” a study in the book of Daniel.

Whether this is your first time tuning in, you have a prayer request, or you are interested in how to take your next steps at Rockharbor, we would love to connect with you!


Easter at Rockharbor

Easter at Rockharbor

Hope Has A Name

Easter is coming! And even though we can’t celebrate with all of you in person, Easter isn’t cancelled. We can still rejoice in the sacrifice and resurrection of our Savior. In this time of uncertainty, we believe that Jesus conquered death and guaranteed hope for all who believe.

Hope has a name. His name is Jesus.

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Sunday Morning Experience

Stand in Truth

What do you do when culture tries to change you? You decide…will I change the world or will the world change me?

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RKIDZ Elementary

Faith is trusting in what you can't see because of what you can see.

Elementary LessonGod TimeParent Cue

RKIDZ Preschool

I can believe in Jesus who wants to be my friend forever!

Preschool LessonParent Cue

RKIDZ Early Childhood

I can believe in Jesus!

Crawlers (0-1 Year Olds)Toddlers (2 Year Olds)Parent Cue

Slingshot Middle School

Slingshot Message

August 2nd

Middle school is a time in a person's life where they are discovering who they are. With so many voices and influences saying, "You need to be more like this!" or "If you want to be liked, you'll have to do this!" and so on, it can be so difficult to identify where our identity should be founded. That's why it is absolutely necessary to find our identity in Christ and how He sees us.


Anchor High School

Anchor Message

August 2nd

Thanks for checking out Anchor today! If you are wanting to take a next step or have a prayer request click on the links below!

AnchorNext Steps

Young Adults

The Porch Message

July 29th

Life is filled with chaos, yet God still wants us to live a life marked by calmness. We tend to look anywhere in the world around us to find relief, but our temporary solutions are just a bandaid. In this message, we learn from Philippians how to experience peace in the midst of anxiety by making our requests known to God.

The Porch Boise