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Rockharbor Outreach

We love our local and international community! Rockharbor Church is passionate about bringing encouragement, support, and resources to great organizations that are doing life-changing work.

Missions Experiences

Local Outreach


Metro Meals on Wheels  delivers daily meals to homebound seniors in Ada County.

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Stanton Health Care is a life-affirming medical clinic providing support, education, counseling, and resources for unplanned pregnancies.

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Meridian Food Bank provides emergency food aid to those in need in the community.

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Chrysalis House provides transitional housing to women coming out of addiction and incarceration within a safe, loving Christian environment, aiding them to become contributing members in their community.

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Meridian Boys & Girls Club provides a place for kids to go after school and during the summer enriching and guiding them to grow successfully outside the classroom.

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Love, Inc. is an extension of churches in the Valley to help provide those in financial crisis or need with non-cash resources and classes to help them progress to living independent, abundant lives.

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The Closet provides free clothing to teens in need in 6th-12th grade in Ada County through a personal and individual shopping experience.

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Project Kids provides financial assistance to students and families in the West Ada school district to help with unmet basic needs, working against homelessness, providing assistance with sports and school supplies, and coordinating transportation with Operation School Bell.

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INsideOUT was established to bring awareness and understanding to our community instilling a commitment for action to benefit those impacted.

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Harmony Park works to provide a safe, stable and supportive environment where kinship/foster children and seniors can flourish in a thriving multigenerational community.

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Launchpad Ministries guides kids in public schools to know Jesus, impact their school, and pursue their God given purpose.

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CRU works to help students on campus come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and spread the Gospel.

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Through West Ada Young Life, adult volunteers develop relationships with kids at local secondary schools to show them the love of Jesus and the full life He offers.

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Marion Pritchett provides a safe and confidential environment for pregnant and teen mothers and fathers to learn about parenting while also earning their high school diploma.

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Boise Rescue Mission works to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of addicted and homeless men and women in the Treasure Valley.

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"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."

Acts 1:8

Global Outreach


South & Central America

Chuck is a missionary for Manna Worldwide, an organization that meets the physical needs and spiritual needs of children around the world.  When recently asked about his goals for the next year, Chuck has this to say,  "I want God to continue to open opportunities to start new (feeding) centers so the Good News of Jesus Christ can be carried to those in need! I pray that we at MANNA Worldwide can continue to reach children and their families for the cause of Christ!"



Dwayne and Tammy Wright have been in Ethiopia since 2013, leading Bethel Baptist Church and growing a school in a small town known as Bishoftu. Through the last couple of years, they have seen God provide multiple new buildings to expand the school, a wall to protect their students and faculty, a well to give water to the community, and a soccer field in which over a hundred young teens and children come and play soccer and hear about Jesus. Bethel Bible Baptist Church has church services, after school programs and kids programs throughout the week.


Philippines & Worldwide

Church planter, Camp Director, and Business Manager are only a few of the hats that Greg wears in his thriving ministry in Metro Manila and around the world.  We are honored to partner with Greg and the work that God is doing through him.


African & Worldwide

Vapor engages some of the world’s poorest places and establishes centers for poverty alleviation and disciple making. They use the vehicle of sports to connect and share the gospel. Partnering with local faith communities, they build fields, set up leagues and initiate organized humanitarian projects. The center’s indigenous staff serve as coaches and spiritual mentors, trained to meet both the immediate basic needs of the children and to introduce them to the love of Christ.

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Guatemala Feeding Center & Orphanage

Manna is a Christian organization that focuses on caring for impoverished children around the world. This organization is committed to addressing nutritional, educational, and spiritual needs where every child will experience the love of Jesus. At our feeding center, they share the message of Christ and feed up to 80 children and teens of low-to-no-income families on a weekly basis.  At our orphanage, they believe that life is something to be cherished and that each child should have the opportunity that we had growing up.

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Kids and adults of all ages hand-pack nutritious MannaPack™ meals specifically designed to assist in reversing and preventing undernutrition. Volunteering occurs at permanent sites and hundreds of MobilePack™ events nationwide. Each day our partners distribute FMSC meals in schools, orphanages, clinics and feeding programs around the world to deliver hope and break the cycle of poverty.

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Pastor in Dolega, Chiriqui, Panama
New Life Feeding Center

Rafael is a pastor in Panama at the church, Iglesia Bautista el Faro and manages the New Life Feeding Center. We are sending our 2nd team from Rockharbor this year to partner with Rafael to spread the love of Jesus in Panama. Our team will come alongside Rafael; ministering in churches, feeding centers, children’s homes, detention centers and communities who are faced with poverty.



In Touch Mission International partners, Paul and Molly are answering their call to bring the light of Christ to Chennai, India where Christians are an overwhelming minority. They oversee a sports ministry for impoverished youth from the slums, after-school tutoring centers as well as training local pastors and shepherding a total of 3 churches. Their largest ministry is caring and providing for 19 young girls which have been added to their family. The girls, once called "throw away babies", are no longer orphans but cherished members of a family.

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The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to get God’s word to every person in the world by recording scripture in every language of the world by 2033. With 70% of the world’s population living in oral cultures and 50% cannot read at a functional level, the only way billions of people will ever know the heart of the gospel message is to hear it. We are currently partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing for translating the Yao language in Africa which consists of 1.9 million people.

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2022 Missions Experiences


March 19-27
Ages: Young Adults (18+)
Estimated Cost: $2000

In Guatemala we will have the opportunity to share Christ and the message of Hope as we partner with Manna Worldwide. Our ministry opportunities will include work projects, service projects, home visits along with helping out at surrounding feeding centers.

One of our highlights of the trip will be visiting and working with the children at our orphanage and the San Lucus Feeding Center and our church plant, whom we financially partner with and support on a monthly basis. These kids love interaction with adults and we always try to do something special with the kids when visiting the orphanage and feeding center. Some of the ideas we have done in the past few years at the orphanage have included, VBS, games, taking the kids to the zoo, movie night, fixing a Thanksgiving dinner and once, we even surprised them with a Christmas tree and gifts.

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April 18-29
Ages: Adults
(Ages 15-17 permitted but must travel with a guardian)
Estimated Cost: $3,200

This is an experience where you will immerse yourself in the beauty and traditions of Addis Ababa and surrounding areas of Ethiopia. You will find Ethiopia rich in culture but faced with poverty, both economically and spiritually. This will be an unforgettable experience as you share the life changing love of Jesus with the people you meet.  

This is a 10-day mission experience where we will have the opportunity to serve with ministry partners which include feeding programs, community outreach, orphanages, rural communities, and fair-trade businesses. Our ministry will also focus on children faced with poverty, loving and caring for those in orphanages, making home visits and delivering food baskets. We will be working with our ministry partners, Impact One to serve the local church and community.

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June 10-16
Ages: High School
Estimated Cost: $1200

A mission experience to Mexico will give you the opportunity to use the talents and abilities that God has given you to make an impact on others. This is an experience that will challenge you in giving to those in real need and being appreciative of what you have.

This is an experience where you will be partnering with Amor Ministries. We will be working together as a team using individual skills to build homes for those less fortunate than us. We will be building a basic home: concrete floor, walls, roof, stucco, windows and doors. By building a house for those in need, we will be able to; keep families together, promote health and education, battle extreme poverty, promote dignity and strengthen communities. Not only will we be building a house, we will also have the opportunity to share Christ and the message of hope with family and neighbors.

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September 1-12
Ages: Adults
(Ages 15-17 permitted but must travel with a guardian)
Estimated Cost: $3,000

A mission experience to Thailand/Cambodia will take you on a whole new kind of adventure as you experience a mixture of unique Asian culture along with opening your eyes to another way of life as you experience God in a whole new way.

This is a 12-day mission experience where we will have the opportunity to share God’s love serving at a local school in Southern Thailand and visiting a feeding center in Siem Reap Cambodia.  We will be traveling to Bangkok and work with refugees at church and in an International Detention Center.  This team will also be part of sharing who Jesus is through soccer outreach, a work project, along with home visits delivering water filter systems.  

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November 15 - 22
Ages: Adults
(Ages 15-17 permitted but must travel with a guardian)
Estimated Cost: $2,000

You will travel to the beautiful tropical climate of Panama a land of rich vegetation and landscapes. Panama, known as the melting pot of races, has many unreached indigenous and rural communities, providing a unique opportunity to serve, as you step out in faith and allow God to use you.

For a week you will experience the beauty and simplicity of showing the love of Christ to the incredible people of Panama. We will minister in churches, feeding centers, children's home, detention center and communities. We will also host children's sport activities, deliver water filters during home visits, along with helping missionary partners with various church projects and more.  

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March 2022 (dates TBD)
Ages: Adults (Medical Missions)
Estimated Cost: $3,500

A landlocked country in Southern Africa, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world but has earned the nicknamed "The Warm Heart of Africa" because of the friendliness of its people. During this missions experience, you will join our ministry partners, Todd and Bethany Carlson as they minister to the medical and spiritual needs of this community.

This experience is open to any adults whether you are a medical professional or non-medical volunteer. More information on this experience is coming!

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