Job Opportunities

To apply for the opportunities below, please submit the following to

1. Your Resume, including a photo of you (and your family if applicable).
2. Your Enneagram and Meyers/Briggs Personality assessment results.
3. A video of what led you to apply for this opportunity and what excites you about it.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Rockharbor Church Staff Team! We will be in contact within 2-3 weeks.

Executive Director of Adult Ministries

The Executive Director of Adult Ministries will help Rockharbor fulfill its mission “to love and lead one another to be devoted followers of Jesus.” This position will provide oversight and leadership to the Adult Ministries Staff Team, as well as to all aspects of Adult Ministries.

Full Time, Exempt (Incl Sundays)

Job Description

Porch Women's Coordinator

The Porch Live Boise women’s coordinator will provide leadership and support for the female leaders at the Porch, as well as assisting the Porch Live Coordinator with The Porch on Tuesdays, hosting and planning special events, and help provide leadership to the Young Adults ministry.

Part Time (10-15 hours per week, non exempt)

Job Description

Childcare Coordinator

The childcare coordinator will lead an environment where children and their families feel welcomed, loved and connected. The Childcare Coordinator will schedule, recruit, and train leaders within their environment, prepare materials needed and collaborate with the RKidz and Adult Teams.

Part Time (30 hours per week)

Job Description

Traffic & Parking Coordinator

The goal of the Parking Coordinator is to help facilitate a safe and welcoming experience for Rockharbor attenders and first-time guests during weekend services and events

Part-Time, non-exempt (up to 10 hours/wk, incl Sundays)

Job Description