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Missions Experiences are for believers who feel called by God to serve Him around the world. A missions experience is an incredible opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus abroad. It is an immense privilege, and one that brings certain responsibilities.
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April-May 2024

Partners: Manna Worldwide (Ryan Jones) & New Light Ministries (Jason Goh)
Build RH sponsored playground, Vacation Bible School, home visits, serving at Feeding Centers, pickleball outreach, service projects and more!
Joe Lednicky, Outreach Director

Rockharbor is thrilled to be sending a team to Thailand in April of 2024! Thailand is right in the heart of the 10/40 window: a window between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude. This area is often called the “Resistant Belt” due to its intense resistance to the Gospel, and includes the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus & Buddhists. What better place to go to reach the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Rockharbor has a long-standing partnership with Ryan Jones, the Director of Manna Ministries for Southeast Asia. During our last mission to Thailand in 2023, we also built a relationship with Jason Goh of New Light Ministries! New Light Ministries is involved in world changing ministry in the village of Baan Namkem, a community that was devastated by the tsunami of 2004.

In partnership with New Light Ministries and Manna Worldwide, this Rockharbor Missions Experience Team will be tasked to build a playground for the community of Baan Namkem, serve the children and families in the village, to serve at feeding centers, host sports outreach events, minister at the local church plant and so much more!

We serve a God who cares deeply for the nations. God is moving - and where He goes, we go! We hope you’ll join us for what is sure to be a life-changing opportunity to partner good works with the Good News of Jesus Christ to the beautiful souls in Thailand!

Who: ALL Rockharbor Attendees
Estimated Cost: $3200


June 2024

Partners: Build A Miracle, Pastor Jesus
Build RH sponsored family home, Vacation Bible School, home visits, community center outreach, Dad’s ministry volunteering, service projects and more!
Jordan Henslin, High School Director

Anchor students, unite! Rockharbor is excited to be sending our High School ministry students to Mexico in early June, 2024! Rockharbor partners with Build A Miracle, an incredible organization dedicated to changing communities in Tijuana through holistic care: home building, education, business and trade development, and community outreach!

This will be an incredible opportunity for our Anchor students to partner the Good News of Jesus Christ with practical, hands-on good works. They will be tasked with building and furnishing a home for a family from the local church body, ministering to families in the nearby dump, delivering meals, street evangelism and Vacation Bible School for the 500+ children that attend the local community center!

This will be an incredible opportunity for our Anchor students to see God at work in another part of the world. They will be staying in San Diego, then crossing the border into Tijuana to serve with BAM, and the local Pastor, Jesus.

If you are an Anchor student or leader, you won’t want to miss this!

Who: Anchor High School Ministry & Leaders
Estimated Cost: $1200

Interest Meeting: Sunday, January 21st, 6:30pm


July 2024

Partners: Global Training Network
Construction: New Church Plant, Pastoral Training, Vacation Bible School, Urban & Rural Evangelism, Christian farm development, children’s ministry and so much more!
Joe Lednicky, Outreach Director, Greg Ishmael, Global Training Network

Cambodia needs the Good News of Jesus Christ! Located in the heart of the 10/40 window, Cambodia is 95% Buddhist and only 1.6% of the population considers themselves to be Christians.

Rockharbor is thrilled to announce an incredible new Kingdom opportunity in Cambodia! In partnership with Greg & Jean Ishmael of Global Training Network, Rockharbor has had the immense privilege of purchasing land and building materials to plant a church in the Kampong Speu province! This community is hungry for the Gospel, and RH jumped on a promising new opportunity to help plant a church that will change the local culture and make disciples that make disciples!

Our team will be tasked with aiding in construction of the local church, ministering to the local villagers, training and equipping indigenous pastors and leaders, Christian farm development and building lasting relationships with local leaders!  

Rockharbor is invested in the nations. God is moving powerfully in Cambodia, and we want to go where He goes! We hope you’ll consider joining us for what is sure to be a life-changing experience!

Who: ALL Rockharbor Attendees
Estimated Cost: $3200


August-September 2024

Partners: Loving One By One
Projects: Medical Clinics & Care, Construction: Pastoral Training Center, Vacation Bible School, agricultural development, service projects
Leadership: Joe Lednicky, Outreach Director

Rockharbor is excited to announce its first-ever trip to Uganda, “The Pearl” of Africa! Ken and Sherry Roberts are RH attendees that started Loving One By One, a ministry serving impoverished children and their families in Uganda by facilitating Christ-inspired physical, spiritual and educational changes in their lives.

By God’s providence, Ken & Sherry have built an incredible organization that offers holistic care and offers medical treatment, education, pastoral training, agricultural education, hospital care, discipleship programs and so much more! Graceland, as they call it, is located just outside of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Together with their team, they have touched thousands of lives with the good works and Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our team will be partnering with Ken & Sherry to offer medical care, ministry to local children and families, help with construction projects and to preach the Gospel through our words and deeds! We are looking for medical personnel as we will be hosting medical clinics, as well as nonmedical individuals who can support those individuals, train local indigenous leaders, lead ministry, and more! If you have a heart for serving the nations, we want you on this team!

Who: ALL Rockharbor Attendees, medical personnel
Estimated Cost: $3200


October 2024

Partners: Emet169, Jerusalem Seminary, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries
Projects: Crisis pregnancy ministry to women and families, apartment clean-up and service projects, hospital visitations and prayer ministry, street evangelism and homeless ministry, Messianic Jewish youth outreach
Leadership: Joe Lednicky, Outreach Director + Scott Etkin, Director of Emet139

Rockharbor has the immense privilege of sending a Missions Team to the Holy Land! Imagine walking where Jesus walked. Now imagine having the opportunity to serve where He served! Our Israel Missions Team will get to do just that. We will get to study and see locations that are ripe with meaning and Biblical significance that are simultaneously home to an unreached people group. Less than 1% of Israel are Jesus-professing Christians. This team will be tasked to partner the Good News of Jesus Christ with the Good Works that are so desperately needed in an area of spiritual oppression and darkness.

In partnership with Scott Etkin, Director of Emet139, Jerusalem Seminary and the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, this team will have the opportunity to partner Biblical Touring with the good works of Jesus Christ! Under FIRM’s umbrella of ministries, we will be serving women and children in a crisis pregnancy center, visiting children and families in local hospitals, offering care to the homeless individuals in Tel Aviv, ministering to Messianic Jewish youth and so much more!

All of this ministry will be partnered with Biblical Touring and study of the Word of God! We will spend time in Jerusalem, Galilee, Tel Aviv and so much more!

Our call to make disciples of all nations has brought us back to the source: the Holy Land needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will be an incredible opportunity to be blessed and be a blessing! We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in the Holy Land!

Who: ALL Rockharbor Attendees, medical personnel
Estimated Cost: $5500